Iha (Twist)
Survivor Gameplay
Description A twist that forms one tribe, where each person has a certain number of votes that they can use at any time
Appearance(s) Survivor: New Zealand

Iha is a twist that severely changed the gameplay of Survivor: New Zealand.

It is not to be confused with the tribe of the same name Iha (Tribe)


The purpose of the twist is to create a new aspect of gameplay. Contestants are all together from the start and are faced with the choice of how many votes to use per tribal, as to not use too many, but also make sure that you cast enough on that person. It puts trust at a maximum and adds a level to strategy. The twist does not occur in the Final Tribal Council or a tribal council with the Final Three (in a season with a Final Two).


Survivor: New ZealandEdit

In Survivor: New Zealand, the Iha twist is the defining twist of the season. All 16 castaways were given 14 votes and put in the Iha Tribe.


This twist is a modification of the One World and Anarchy twist.


The main strategy is vote usage and conservation.