Day 2: Immunity Challenge #1 & New Twist

Welcome to your first immunity challenge!

FP Immunity Idol

For this challenge there is two parts, the two parts will be added together for your score.

Part 1: Rebus Puzzles

The first part of this challenge is rebus puzzles. The link to the puzzles is here: You must do this part of the challenge BY YOURSELF, YOU MAYNOT RECIVE HELP FROM TRIBEMATES. Helping a tribemate will result in disqualification from the challenge. You will get 2 points for each puzzle you get right.

Part 2: Flappy Bird

The second part of this challenge is flappy bird. Link here: There are two modes Normal and Impossible. IF you submit your score from theimpossible mode you will receive DOUBLE POINTS.


Your rebus puzzle score and your flappy bird score will be added together and you will receive an individual score. Then each tribe will average together all of their individual scores an get their total score. Top two among Fatu, Tekao, and Temetiu tribes win immunity. Now to the twist....


Outcasts come on in! Kevin C, Jacob, Stephan, you are the Outcasts Tribe. This season the Outcasts work a bit different. Each person voted out will join the Outcasts tribe. If the Outcasts finish 1st 2nd or 3rd in the challenge they stay in the game. If they finish last then the entire tribe is eliminated. Because the Outcasts are at a numbers disadvantage if an Outcasts tribe member fails to submit a score then they will be eliminated from the game, to give the other Outcasts a fair chance to get back in the game. If the Outcasts tribe looses than it restarts with the next member voted out. At two points in the game the Outcasts will rejoin the game. So that has added a new element into the game. Just to make it that little bit more exiting the Outcast tribe will have a Hidden Immunity Idol, but the Outcasts Idol will be explained later

Good luck and Survivors ready, GO!!!

You have until 22:00 UTC February 28th (5 EST February 8th) to complete this challenge.